Latest Abbaya Dresses with Embriodery 2017

When we are talking about the Islamic Culture then surely the name of Abaya dresses comes in the mind of every pious and religious women. Now a days many different styles and color combinations of Abaya Dresses 2017 arising. As in abaya dresses women makes the fashion in its Abaya. Plain abaya as well as the Latest Embrioderd Abaya are available to wear in any party and function of weddings.

The designers are also designing the Latest Abaya avaialble in botiques and shops. At first these available in black colors but now for wearing in functions and parties it is available in different colors like pink blue mint green brown and skin shades are the famous shades of Abaya Dresses 2017.

Look at the pink and white combination in the feature image is worth noticing is perfect for any decent gathering. with different color abaya the different color combinations are paired up with scarves. Embrioderd Abaya, are very latest trend now a days. Embrioderd Abaya 2017 look at the bove mentioned image the brown shade abaya is really awesome with light texture embrioderd designs on it. Some abaya are fully body coverd some are a lit bit small. Some abaya are composed of the thread work and some are specially designed fancy abaya with silver and golden shiny threads.

Latest Abbaya Dresses with Embriodery 2017

Some of the latest embrioderd abaya dresses for the year 2017 are given below in the album:

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