How to do acrylic nails with step by step

 acrylic nails with step by stepHow to do acrylic nails?Every girl loves something in beauty. Few girls love nail and do everything for their Nails. For girls, when their hands look good, they become happy. Nails have a great impact on the beauty of girls. In this article, we will mention the different easiest ways to do acrylic nails.

Easiest way to do acrylic nails?

Step-1 Wash your nails

In the first step you may require to wash your hands and nails and dry it with clean piece of paper. Before washing, we recommend to clean your nails using brush. You can purchase the nail brush to clean your nails. If you don’t have you can take tooth brush and clean your nails. After this, wash nails properly.Remove the dust from the nails properly. Do not touch the nails with your fingers.

Step-2 How to Apply Dehydrator

Once you have completed the cleaning process of your nails. You need to apply dehydrator because still some impurities exist in your nails. Use any dehydrator that will remove the impurities from your nails. Apply one coat of primer to all 10 nails. Also, allow the primer to dry as you apply kinds on the nails. Although there are many types of nails you can choose according to you.

Step-3 Apply White and Pink Acrylic

White and Pink Acrylic is the most common acrylic applies on nails. Now the question is White or Pink which one should apply first? Here we are convincing you to use White powder first. There are many reasons because once you completed the white powder you can easily apply pink one.

It’s best to apply the white powder for each tip in one ball; get a wad of white powder, flip the brush over and press out abundance fluid on a perfect spot of your table towel.

Step-4 Apply Pink Powder on Nail

After you have completed the White tip now apply Pink product on nails. First place the pink in the center of nail and press it to the smile line without going over it.

Check each nail one by one either pink is applied cleanly or not. Make sure when you applied pink color the white should be properly dry.

Step-5 Remove the Forms from Nails

Expel the structures from the nails. With a hand document, shape the tips, sides and undersides of every one of the 10 nails, ensuring they are all a similar length and reliably molded.

Final Words:

We have told you the easy way to do acrylic nails. The good thing is you can apply this method at home. If you feel any difficulty to apply acrylic nails you can ask in the Comment section.

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